Client:                                     Amref Health Africa

Period of performance:       2019–2020


Starting with an initial review of and capacity building for Amref’s youth project (Youth in Action), Development Dynamics became a thought partner and facilitator in developing a strategy, launching, and positioning the organization to take significant steps in youth innovation, leadership, and participation.

Our support encompassed various stages, including stakeholder consultation, situational analysis, SWOT/PESTEL analysis, goal definition, and a comprehensive strategy document with SMART objectives, target mapping, action plans, and resource requirements. Additionally, we assisted in establishing monitoring and progress measurement systems, providing templates for progress updates, an M&E framework with indicators/targets, and staff guidance on documenting high-level advocacy efforts and outcomes. We also assisted Y-ACT in formulating a comprehensive resource mobilization plan, encompassing various revenue-generation strategies like proposals, grants, business plans, fundraising events, and donations. We focused on establishing foundational elements and guiding staff to maintain existing donors and attract additional funding through innovative approaches.

Result: We enabled Amref to clarify its vision, mission, goals, and objectives for adolescents and youth as a global movement, which helped to map out the varying degrees of scale against timelines in different regions. We used the insights to develop a future-flex and adaptable strategy to serve youth better while addressing emerging global trends. We supported Amref’s internal culture change to transform programs, leadership, and operations to be youth-centric to serve adolescents and youth in our communities better.

We pride ourselves on walking the end-to-end strategy journey with different collaborators. We are delighted to be your partners in developing and executing your future-ready and future-proof strategy. For more information and collaborations, please contact MaqC, our Principal Consultant, at