Client:                                        International AIDS Society (IAS)

Period of performance:          2020

Addressing the concerns in pediatric HIV treatment and ensuring the inclusion of HIV-positive pregnant women in clinical trials has been a pressing challenge in global health. Recognizing the urgency, the International AIDS Society (IAS) took the initiative to amplify these issues among governments and stakeholders, advocating for actionable solutions through DD’s strategic support in:

Landscaping of Pediatric HIV Advocacy.

We conducted an exhaustive desk review, engaging with organizations at the forefront of pediatric HIV advocacy. We then mapped out key stakeholders, their advocacy focuses, and ongoing campaigns, which helped identify areas requiring more concerted efforts. We played an instrumental role in orchestrating an event at AIDS2020, bringing together stakeholders in pediatric HIV advocacy. Our insights also guided the Child Survival Working Group (CSWG) re-activation. We produced a synthesis report highlighting critical issues, breakthrough results, and actionable recommendations from the #AIDS2020 event.


Business Case for Inclusive Clinical Trials

We laid the foundation for developing a business case supporting the inclusion of HIV-positive pregnant women in clinical trials. We did this by engaging in consultations, desk reviews, and stakeholder feedback to present a robust case. We supported the preparation and presentation at another anchor event at AIDS2020 that showcased efforts in promoting inclusivity in clinical trials, resulting in another synthesis report detailing key insights and recommendations.


Our strategic research and advocacy guidance enabled IAS to amplify its advocacy efforts, paving the way for more inclusive clinical trials and a heightened focus on pediatric HIV. Our efforts generated a wave of awareness among duty bearers, emphasizing the need for optimized pediatric HIV treatment and the inclusion of PLHIV women in clinical trials. Our advocacy strategies, reports, and events were pivotal in bringing these pressing issues to the forefront of global health discussions, catalyzing policy changes, and actionable interventions.

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