Client:                                   ILGA World

Periodof performance:       May 2023 – Dec 2024


ILGA World, the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex Association, recognizes the need for more inclusive governance premised on feminist leadership principles and addresses the intricate intersectionalities of the communities it serves. Consequently, ILGA World’s board started an 18-month co-creation process to develop a sustainable, feminist-responsive governance structure.

As the facilitation partner for this journey, DD has been working with the ILGA World board and governance committee to consult and assess with the membership, ILGA World regions, and other stakeholders through a range of methods to gather further feedback on the make-up of the Board, including the intersectional representation of current youth and other minority sub-committees.

After an initial survey and rapid assessment in April and May this year, we planned and implemented a two-day governance workshop in Berlin, Germany, in mid-May to facilitate the review and co-design of ILGA’s governance potential models and pathways. We assessed governance wins and gaps, defined the ILGA constituents through a persona generation, explored new governance models and scenarios, and developed tools for engaging members in the review process.

We are delighted to continue the journey to the World Conference 2024 in Cape Town. We are now working with the Governance Committee and the Board in drafting amendments to the constitution and standing orders of ILGA World, revising the Governance Manual, and validating these for validation and voting at the general assembly at the world conference.

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