We are B Corp Certified!

Elevating Accountability and Transparency through B Corp Standards


In late 2022, we embarked on a bold journey toward enhancing our processes, striving to meet the stringent standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency established by B Corp Certification. 


As 2023 commenced, we embarked on the comprehensive B Impact Assessment, meticulously evaluating our impact on stakeholders, including our workers, community, customers, and environment. Simultaneously, we ensured compliance with Kenya’s regulations, meticulously refining our legal documentation. 


As of February 2024, we are thrilled to announce that Development Dynamics has officially earned B Corp Certification, a remarkable milestone in our dedication to social and environmental responsibility.



Check out our detailed score on our certification on the B-corp


Movement Building Masterclass for Social Impact —Driving Waves of Change
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What are the change-makers saying?

Hacking the hyphen

Get ready to unleash your creativity and innovation with #HackingtheHyphen, an upcoming innovation challenge by Development Dynamics. Teams of 3-5 individuals aged 18-30 are invited to tackle critical challenges at the intersection of Sexual Reproductive Health Rights, Gender and Justice, and Climate Justice. The winning team will receive a small grant to implement their solution. Solutions must address communities disproportionately affected by climate injustice, gender inequality, and lack of access to SRHR or justice and reflect the diversity of the communities they aim to serve. Judging criteria include uniqueness, feasibility, scalability, clarity, impact, accessibility, and the ethical use of AI.

Apply here!  

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